Four of the Botty's belong to local Scout Troop 2nd Great Parndon which is part of the Harlow District of Scouting. Scouting, as defined by The UK Scouting Association is as follows:

"The Scout Association provides adventurous activities and personal development opportunities for 400,000 young people aged 6-25. Internationally, we have over 28 million young people enjoying the benefits of Scouting across 218 countries.

Personal development means promoting the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual well-being of the individual, helping them achieve their full potential. In Scouting, we believe that young people develop most when they are 'learning by doing,' when they are given responsibility, work in teams, take acceptable risks and think for themselves"

But if you ask the Botty's what Scouting is they will tell you it means: having fun, mixing with other kids you dont usually hang around with, being outdoors, having camps and sleepovers, eggy bread and bacon sandwiches, hiking in the black of night, camp fires and toasting marshmallows, spending your summer holiday doing tons of stuff that other kids at school would only dream of!!

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