Mrs Brown's Page

Mrs Brown is Aphra's hamster. She got it for her birthday after falling in love with the hamster she met in Belarus. Not to feel left out, Sam also got a hamster called Dusty. Here they both are:

Mrs Brown



Having read a lot about Syrian Hamsters, we knew that they should be kept apart because they can fight to the death. When we cleaned their cages, we used to let one hamster crawl on top of the others cage without too much problem. One day, we noticed that when Dusty crawled over the top of Mrs Brown's cage, she "froze". Having read that this behaviour is shown when a female is ready to mate, we put them together to see if we could breed our pair and make cute hamster babies!

Click on the photo below to see what happened...

The gestation period for Syrian Hamsters is 16 days. Each day we checked on Mrs Brown and to check if she was gaining weight. After 4 days, she showed no signs of "freezing" when Dusty was around, meaning that she may be pregnant. A few more days passed and she had gone from 5oz to 7oz in weight. At around 12 days, she was physically bigger and had protusions on her abdomen (her little babies!).

On 28 December, exactly 16 days after mating, Mrs Brown gave birth to 5 babies and one stillborn. Their progress can be shown below. Click the image to enlarge.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

  Sadly, after day 3 only 4 babies survived...

Day 6

Day 7 (click for video)

Day 8

The smallest baby "Dusty2" passed away just 1 week old :(
By Day 10 we had only 2 babies left

Day 12

Day 13 (click for video)

Day 14

Day 16

Day 17