Merlin's Page

Following the sad departure of Bertie, let us introduce Merlin. He provides the answer to the Botty's need for extra capacity on wheels. He is a Ford Transit 9 Seater Bus made in 1992. He was named by the Bottys sitting around the dinner table. Freya came up with Merlin and evryone agreed - MAGIC! This is how he looked when we bought him:



He began life as a bus for HM Prison Service and was acquired by a garage in Kent in 2001. They looked after him for a few years then sold him to us. He was quite expensive for his year but he has been very well looked after and is very clean which makes a lot of difference. We look forward to more exciting adventures in Merlin as we had in Bertie.

Our first official outing was to the Buncefield Oil Depot fire on 11 December 2005:


Now we are preparing him to carry on in the same way as Bertie did with his message of Love, Peace and Unity. Therefore, early design of paintwork are emerging and you will not be surprised at the results!