LEJOG Day -1
Start: Newquay Airport
End: Trescowe
Total Miles: 83.49
Time in saddle: 6h16m
Average: 13.5 mph
Daily Miles: 83.49

Wednesday 9 June 2004

The day started at 0445 when the alarm clock sounded. Only had a few hours sleep but I am well used to that. After a breakfast of hot coffee and cold porridge, I got dressed into my travelling clothes and checked the forecast on the PC: Cloudy, 19 degrees with a light south westerly breeze - perfect!

I woke the rest of the family who had decided to get up to see me off. At the same time, Lou's Dad arrived ready to take me to the airport. We loaded my bike and luggage into his car and after a few last hugs and kisses we were off. About 20 mins later I was dropped at Stansted airport, which was already buzzing at 0540! The check-in was surprisingly smooth. A baggage handler came and took my bike from me at the check-in area and I went through security. The lady there had to check all my bike gear and even swabbed it for explosives. She was interested in my ride and wished me luck. By 0730 we were airborn.

Landed after a short flight and picked up luggage quickly. Newquay is a real diddy terminal at one end of a big Air Force base. Bike was the last thing off and arrived unscathed! I was the last out of the arrivals area. There was a big disabled toilet where I got changed into my cycling gear and appeared like Superman! It took about 30 minutes to assemble the bike, then I had to get some water. A kind man at the airport called John obliged with the water and also 3 towards Zac's fund, nice man!

It felt good to be on the Cornish roads after all the preparation, then I hit the first hill and they know how to make em round here! It was up and down til I reached St Austell, a nice cuppa and flapjack made things better. On my way to the train station I bought a giant cornish pastie for lunch, almost managed to make it last to Penzance.

When I got to Penzance it was a dash to Land's End for the infamous photo and card stamping. I was glad to get out of that tourist trap but not happy to ride back on the same road.

Now I was off to Lizard Point, themost southerly tip of the UK. It wasnt too bad apart for the hills in and out of Helston, well, it does have the word "hell" in its name! Lizard was brilliant, wild and rugged, nothing like Lands End. There was even a pair of rare Cornish Choughs nesting in the cliffs. I really needed the cream tea and I think that helped me go back along the same road again and up those Helston hills!

I finally arrived at Trescowe at 1850. I am staying at my friends parents house and they are being the perfect hosts. So end of day 1 good things: everything went smooth and on time, bad things: after over 80 miles I am still only 14 miles from Lands End!