Start: Lockerbie
End: Loch Lomond
Total Miles: 703.34
Time in saddle: 8h 32m
Average: 11.41 mph
Daily Miles: 96.31

Tuesday 15 June 2004

Started with a nice breakfast and Mr & Mrs Wilson who were also staying donated 10 for Zac. Cycling started well after initial stiffness. Got into a good rhythmn for 15 miles then as I started to climb over a range of hills I ran into a 30 mph headwind. It stayed like this for 30 miles. Reached the peak of 350m and collapsed. I took a photo of myself so I could remember how bad I felt.

On the way down, I met a nice man who cycled alongside for a few miles. He cheered me up a bit, I didnt get his name so well call him Alan! The wind eased a little as I came into Glasgow. Went past Celtic ground at Parkhead. I saw a fire buring across the city. It took nearly 2 hours to cross the city. When I got to Clydebank I came up close to the fire, it was a scrap metal yard. A tv crew arrived as I was leaving.

The last 10 miles was a slog due to the energy I lost to that headwind. Checked in to Loch Lomond Hostel. It was a beautiful old castle overlooking the Loch. Soon got into the swing of hostel life: washing cooking and cleaning!

My neighbour Ollie is in the Army and is based 40 miles away at the moment. He met up with me tonight and brought me some chocy bars and Lucozade! We swapped stories for a while including him just having seen the Chili Peppers in Edinburgh! Made evening phone call and went to bed..

Good bits: meeting Ollie, staying in a Castle

Bad bits: That headwind!