Start: Sandford
End: Telford
Total Miles: 386.44
Time in saddle: 10h25m
Average: 12.53 mph
Daily Miles: 125.27

Saturday 12 June 2004

I left Helen's house at 830 am. Robyn rode alongside until the path ran out! The route was trouble free to the Avon Bridge cycle path apart from a very large hill. North of the bridge was awkward on Bristol roads with lots of traffic, but finally hit the A38 north after more than 20 miles cycling.

The A38 is a lovely road, not too much traffic (Saturday), smooth surfaces and a wide cycle lane for much of the way. The land gently undulates, nothing like those hills of yesterday. The weather was hot and sunny but a stiff northwest breeze got stronger in the afternoon making the going harder. Helen and Robyn met me in Gloucester with a lunch of hot pasta and lucozade - Yummy! The thing is, my butt was really sore and I was tired but not even halfway on this long ride. I stopped at Tewkesbury Marina because I had seen it on one of the kids Rosie & Jim videos and it looked nice - No "Rag Doll" though. Riding on to Worcester seem to take forever because of my soreness and the wind blowing across the road.
The same slow slog got me to Kidderminster, eventually. I was having to stop and rest frequently, more than the regulation hourly stops. From Kidderminster to Telford was about 25 miles at the end of the ride. This section was a little better, probably because it was cooler and I was so numb I couldnt even feel pain properly. I arrived at the Telford Moat House at sundown 9.40 pm. I got some strange looks from the Hotel staff as I checked in but who cares! That was the longest single ride I have ever done and I am not in a hurry to repeat it! Tomorrow must get better?