Start: Trescowe
End: Trecott
Total Miles: 175.49
Max Speed: 49.2 mph
Time in saddle: 6h27m
Average: 14.4 mph
Daily Miles: 92

Thursday 10 June 2004

Well, after a more than pleasant evening with Frank & Shiela it was time to move up country. Not before I had sampled more of Frank's culinary delights! He makes a mean bowl of porridge, almost as good as his chips last night. Sheila had made me a map of how to get to the A30 cross-country. It was a great route making the first ten miles quiet, apart for some curious cows. They started to move closer and closer to get a good look at me, well i did just pee up their fence!

Then the bit I was dreading, the A30! Most of it is like a motorway with a skinny little strip at the side to ride your bike on. The huge lorries scream past you, blowing you out then sucking you along. Cycling on the edge means you have to ride over all the debris and road kill laying there. Sure enough, after 15 miles I got a puncture! This was turning out to be slow start, but at least the weather is now sunny.

After the flattie, I rolled along quite well. The thing with the A30 is your either bombing along at 25 mph or slogging up the longest hill ever at 5 mph! I was thankful that the wind was behind me today. I took nearly an hour for lunch. Partly because Franks sandwiches were huge and partly cos I went in the cafe for tea and cake. Using the cafe meant I had access to their toilet, so I smeared loads of sudocrem on my sore bits - aahh, that's better. More slog on the A30 got me to Okehampton 3 hours later. Just another 7 miles to the B&B. More up and down roads but one long downhill got me to 49 mph!

Arrived at Lower Trecott Farm at 1745. The hostess showed me around then dished up a cream tea, well, it would have been rude not to. The farmhouse dates back to 16th century and my room looks over a field of sheep. It is a really lovely place and only 20. The bathroom was immaculate and after doing my washing, I had a damn good soak! Feeling human again, I took the short walk to the village and the New Inn for dinner.

Early night for me tonight, I am off to my sister Helen but would like to call in on my cousin Rory if I get time.

Good points: finished with the A30, good weather, arrived before 6pm. Low points: slow start, A30 debris and a puncture. Did I mention those hills?