Narrow Boat Holiday - Jan 2006

Rich's 40th Birthday Surprise!

Queen of the Nile

Her Palace

Below Decks

"2 large pizzas please..."

How lovely!

Cabin Fever!

Some birthday, eh?

Word Search

Prepared for anything!

Good Morning!

Get off me snake!

Ready to go...

Now how does this work then?

Chief winder

Another winder

Mummy looks on

This is Sophie

Dont let her go!

In Carthagena Lock

Going up...

Princess & Daughter!

Ahh.. the open water!

River Lee

First crash!

Near Dobbs Weir

Rye Mead Power Station

Beautiful Morning

Zara & Her Swans

More Swans!

Now we're cruising!

Ahoy there!

Sam practising Kendo

Captain & Crew

First Mate Zac!

Helloo there!

Find your centre and stay in it


Ice Breaker

Top Deck

Holding On

Dont let go

Stressy Captain

She was dragged up!

Team Effort at Hunsdon Mead Lock

Horses out for a walk

P-u-s-h !!

Hanging around


Yes, Zara can steer!


Late night...(7pm?)


Ice, Ice Baby!

Frozen River Stort

Beautiful River Stort

More Ice Breaking

Death to the Lettuce!

Towpath Walk

Wintry Day

Stort Reflections

Outdoor Girl

Icy Scene

More Swans!

Harlow Swan


Family Bonding Below Decks

Choccy feast

Night Fishing

Night Fishing 2

Freya braves a maggot

River Lee Heron

Heron in Flight

Sam brings Sophie home

Above Deck for the last time...