Farewell Bertie, We'll Miss You...

On 11 December after an eventful week on eBay, Barrie called in on the Bottys to have a look at Bertie. He told us how he was looking for a diesel 505 to export to his home country of Sierra Leone. This was ideal for us, because poor Bertie was not liking the cold British winter and didnt want to start in the mornings - a new life in Africa was just the thing he needed. Also, the Botty children could not bear anyone to drive around our home town in Bertie as it would be too stressful for them.

So now, he will be repaired a little then sprayed yellow before being shipped to Sierra Leone as a taxi. It is the best possible end for a faithful servant. We will never forget the good times we had with him and especially for taking us to Belarus and back without a single problem. He has gracefully made way for "Merlin" who begins a new chapter of his life with the Bottys. For more on him click here.